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About Sellezza

We felt that sometimes people are not able to express likes and dislikes in physical stores. Because shopkeeper makes you confuse about what you should buy. So we decided to solve issue by putting only facts about the products and let "You" decide what is good and what is not. 

So what next. We had to work hard to get your requirements done at one place. So started small venture to intiate freedom of choice for the crazzy shoppers.

And finally your response was all to us. We had a great feedback from the people who visited us and tried us.

People liked our services and that was what they needed. We gave 24 X 7 support (we were not huge then, but we managed successfully) and easy returns policies. (although we never got anything back). We are continuously adding as many things as possible to avail you every possilbe choices in the world.

And then our family started journey with "You" and still going...

So we had a dream to ease your life and we succeeded in that through our potential online service. We are too satisfied from ur response too. So let's keep going with that. We are still experimenting in our lab to make happiness in millions of lives. Don't know which fruits might come from that but that will be sweet that is for sure.

We are just trying to give "You" best at best prices. Still if we are missing anything feel free to contact us. We are available through many medias (including our favourite social media)

We just love crazzy things. nd we know u'r also like us.

To all of you, from all of us at Sellezza - Thank you and Happy shopping!

Hardik Viradiya & Paras Patel
Some important guys